Public Transit
Take trains【Capital Bus and Kamalan Bus are also options if visitors depart from Taipei】 to Luodong Train Station
A: Luodong Train Station at rear→Take Capital Bus No. 281 at Luodong Transit Stop and get off at Meihua Lake Stop, and
  walk to the farm within about 5 minutes.
B: Luodong Train Station at front→Take the free community bus with the route of “Cihui Temple to Saint Mary’s Hospital”
  at the front of Wellcome Supermarket and get off at Chen Chung-Tsang Art Museum Stop, and walk to the farm within
  about 2 minutes.
C: Luodong Train Station→Take a taxi (single trip for $200) to the farm.

Drive to the farm
Go to Formosan Freeway (Freeway No. 3) →Chiang Wei-shui Memorial Freeway/Freeway No. 5 → Luodong/Wujie Interchange
→ Go straight to Sec. 1, Jhongshang Rd. / Provincial Highway 7C and turn right (Go from Sec. 1 to Sec. 4, Jhongshang Rd. on
Provincial Highway 7C) → Go along Guangxing Police Office on the left → Go straight to the send traffic sign and turn left on
Meihua Road → Enter the Y-shape intersection (Tensall Bio-tech Co., Ltd on the right) and turn left on Lude Road → Go straight
to the end of Lude Road and turn left → Go straight to the end of the road and arrive at Meihua Lake Leisure Farm.

GPS:N:24。38' 57.1" 、E:121。 44' 5.1"




Bank Account for deposit remittance:玉山銀行
Account Number:0451-940-008168
Account Name:旺樹園國際觀光農場股份有限公司

Add: No.66, Huanhu Rd., Dongshan Township, Yilan County 269, Taiwan
Guangxing Police station:+886-3-9512210

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