Located at the bank of Meihua Lake at the foot of Taiping Mountain in Yilan, Meihua Lake Leisure Farm provides
accommodation, camping, BBQ, pottery-making, food and beverage, paintball, and DIY experiences as well as package tours,
and we are only 5km away from (10-minute drive) Luodong Sports Park, 6km away (12-minute drive) from Luodong Night
Market. Moreover, you can see “Sanching Taoist Temple” from the park. We also provide travel information for whale-
watching at Guishan Island, hot spring at Jiaoxi, Taiping Mountain, sacred tree area at Chilan, hot spring at Renze, cold spring
at Suao, National Center for Traditional Art, Dongshan River Park, Green Expo Venue at Wulaokeng, Renshan Botanic Garden,
and Xinliao Waterfall.

With the land area of about 10,000 square footage,Meihua Lake Leisure Farm nestled to one of eight wonders in Yilan –
Meihua Lake Scenic Area with natural scenes of mountains and rivers surrounded as well as insects and birds singing,
boasting a good place for vacation and recreation. In the park, cottages, restaurants, the paintball field, the pottery-making
area, BBQ area, camping sites, beetle ecological area, aquatic ecological area, vanilla plant area, non-toxic vegetable area, as
well as water pools for children and family (only opened in certain period of time), the fitness course, and cute animal area
are built for visitors to enjoy.




Bank Account for deposit remittance:玉山銀行
Account Number:0451-940-008168
Account Name:旺樹園國際觀光農場股份有限公司

Add: No.66, Huanhu Rd., Dongshan Township, Yilan County 269, Taiwan
Guangxing Police station:+886-3-9512210

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