Meihua Lake Leisure Farm in 2018 year 5 Month 1 the day was awarded by the China Muslim Association. Muslim Friendly Tourism certified to get a Muslim friendly meal tour.

Restaurant Section : ingredients are selected by the China Muslim Association accredited suppliers, and carefully selected small farmers of fresh fruits and vegetables, in the Halal special kitchen cooking, the use of special tableware, enjoy the independent halal special dining area.

Accommodation Section : rooms are available to indicate the time and direction of prayer worship, and the bathroom is equipped with clean toiletries.

Dedicated to providing Muslim friends with peace of mind, health, delicious dining experience, natural, leisure holiday experience.








Bank Account for deposit remittance:玉山銀行
Account Number:0451-940-008168
Account Name:旺樹園國際觀光農場股份有限公司

Add: No.66, Huanhu Rd., Dongshan Township, Yilan County 269, Taiwan
Guangxing Police station:+886-3-9512210

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