Visit Meihua Lake Leisure Farm at Meihua Lake - Health、Education、Culture、Leisure、Vacation
Meihua Lake Leisure Farm is a resort where visitors can enjoy their leisure time and natural scenes,
which is worth observing with fun in four seasons of the year.
In day time, visitors can appreciate layers and layers of mountains;
at night, you can watch stars full of the sky and feel the cool wind blowing while chatting with
friends and family members. Welcome to the farm and experience the happiness.

Bank Account for deposit remittance:玉山銀行
Account Number:0451-940-008168
Account Name:旺樹園國際觀光農場股份有限公司

Add: No.66, Huanhu Rd., Dongshan Township, Yilan County 269, Taiwan
Guangxing Police station:+886-3-9512210

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